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The challenge of handing down the experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has become a keen concern, particularly since the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing. We hope that children will take in these memories, not only as knowledge but as emotion. Toward this end, ANT-Hiroshima runs seminars that offer people the chance to become more familiar with the survivors' experiences. Each year we also invite students from local junior high schools to view The Clouds in Summer Won’t Forget, a recitation play on the theme of the Hiroshima bombing.

How This Work Began

When we were considering how to help hand down the experiences of the A-bomb survivors to younger generations, we watched a performance of The Clouds in Summer Won't Forget. Takako Morii and Ikuko Takemura, both A-bomb survivors themselves, were very moved to see this same performance held for junior high school students. The two women decided to launch a project to present this recitation play to more junior high school students, who seldom have the chance to see live performances. With support from ANT-Hiroshima, each year they invite students from junior high schools in the Hiroshima area to attend a performance of The Clouds in Summer Won’t Forget.

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