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Your kind support and cooperation are vital to the success of our activities.


Cooperation is an essential part of ANT-Hiroshima's work, which is based on direct ties between people. Many of ANT's supporters have experienced the atomic bombings of Hiroshima or Nagasaki or have other experiences of war. We listen to the thoughts of those who approach us, and we seek to incorporate those thoughts and feelings into our work.

In line with the five areas we see as the mission of Hiroshima, donations to ANT support the 12 projects we are currently undertaking; a donor may request a specific project they wish to support. Please contact us for more information.

Ways to Give

By Bank Transfer

If you wish to donate through a bank transfer, please fill out the following form; we will then send you an email with the account number you may transfer funds to.
All bank charges must be paid by the donor.
After we receive your donation, we will send you a letter of thanks to express our sincere gratitude for your support.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you so much for your generous support.


There are three types of membership available to organizations and individuals who would like to support ANT-Hiroshima's mission and activities. An annual membership fee is asked.

  • Regular Member: I want to actively support ANT's activities!
  • Supporting Member: I want to support ANT's activities!

* Regular Members have voting rights in ANT-Hiroshima's annual meeting.

How to Become a Member

Please contact us. We will offer further information on becoming a member of ANT-Hiroshima and making payment.

Membership Fees

  1. Full Member (Individual) - JPY 5,000/year
  2. Full Member (Group/Firm) - JPY 30,000/year
  3. Supporting Member (Individual) - JPY 2,000/year
  4. Supporting Member (Group/Firm) - JPY 10,000/year

Beyond financial support, we welcome both direct and indirect cooperation with our members. Among the other volunteer activities in its areas of expertise, ANT-Hiroshima participates in cultural exchange with students and trainees from Japan and abroad.

Furthermore, we value meeting with our members in order to foster feelings of joint ownership of ANT's activities and a shared vision for the future. We create progress reports and final reports of our projects, and hold meetings at the ANT office where members can exchange ideas.

Finally, we send out an annual report detailing our activities and those of our partners.

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