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Testimonies of A-bomb Survivors

About this project

The experiences of Hiroshima and Nagasaki must be recorded before they fade away. Many years have passed since the atomic bombs were dropped, and the survivors are aging, making it increasingly difficult for them to speak about their experiences.

We first saw the importance of capturing the survivors’ testimonies on video when ANT-Hiroshima became involved in the production of the award-winning film “White Light / Black Rain,” directed by third-generation Japanese-American Steven Okazaki, and we thus began our own work in this area.


To help record and hand down the memories of A-bomb survivors, in collaboration with various filmmakers, ANT-Hiroshima produces documentary films and other works about their lives since 2007. These include video interviews with survivors, including Suzuko Numata and Kiyoko Imori, which we make use of for screenings and as resources for peace education activities. You can view the documentary of survivor Suzuko Numata on ANT-Hiroshima’s Youtube channel. 

Hiroshima: Faces

From 2018 ANT-Hiroshima began “Hiroshima: Faces,” a photography project that presents survivors’ testimonies in booklets alongside portrait photographs. The works have also been exhibited in gallery spaces in Hiroshima. The project is primarily implemented by photographer Mari Ishiko, writer Mika Goto, and designer Miki Matsuura. You can learn more about the “Hiroshima: Faces” project at its website.

Hiroshima: Voices

Following the “Faces of Hiroshima” project, in 2021 ANT-Hiroshima launched a companion project, “Hiroshima: Voices,” which introduces survivor testimonies through short documentary films that combine photographs, drawings, and footage of the survivors themselves. The films are created by filmmaker Toshinori Tanaka, in collaboration with ANT-Hiroshima staff. You can view “Hiroshima: Voices” videos for free on ANT-Hiroshima’s Youtube channel.

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