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ANT-Hiroshima hopes that children will help build a peaceful world as they grow into adults. To nurture children who will make efforts for peace, we conduct peace education workshops and classes in Japan and other countries. Through these activities, where we encourage the children to be active participants, we provide opportunities for them to imagine the world beyond what they already know, feel compassion for others, enhance their capacity for taking action, and fortify their will to resolve conflicts through non-violent means. These aspects of our work with children reflect ANT-Hiroshima’s core values, which we have sought to promote since the organization was established.

ANT-Hiroshima pursues unique and creative ways to promote peace education. We produce original teaching materials that enable children to have a heartfelt experience of the content and actively take part in educational sessions through sharing ideas with one another. These teaching materials include PowerPoint presentations, documentary films, CDs, DVDs, picture storytelling shows, and more. ANT-Hiroshima supporters have a range of backgrounds and skills, and they work together to develop new teaching materials, whether through paper-based or computer-based resources.

How This Work Began

ANT-Hiroshima’s mission is aligned with Hiroshima’s mission: to promote peace education and peace culture so that people in a range of locations and fields will be moved to make greater efforts to build peace in the world. Tomoko Watanabe, the executive director of ANT-Hiroshima, has long pursued unique pathways for peace education and is an active presence in schools as a speaker and facilitator.

Through these teaching materials and our peace education activities in schools and in society, we hope to communicate the real conditions of the world and convey a heartfelt message of peace. By creating our own materials, we’re able to touch our audiences more effectively than if we used ready-made resources.

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