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ANT-Hiroshima provides scholarships to support the education of individuals who seek to contribute to their society. Applicants can be of any age, gender, or nationality, and scholarship recipients are selected based on merit and the availability of financial sponsors. We meet personally with the scholarship recipients and serve as a facilitator between the recipients and their sponsors, coordinating the financial assistance in line with the recipients’ needs and advising them on their studies and their careers. We report back to the sponsors with information on the recipients’ performance in school and the circumstances of their lives, seeking to nurture a partnership between the two sides. To date, there have been seven recipients of an ANT Scholarship, including a Nepalese brain surgeon and a Rwandan teacher who completed their university studies and are now making positive contributions to their local communities.

How This Work Began

The ANT Scholarship was established when ANT-Hiroshima first received a request to lend support to an individual who needed financial assistance to attend university.

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